While our Instagram feeds might be returning to normal, it's important to remember that our work isn't done and Black lives still matter. A new Instagram filter aims to make it easier for people to continue to support the movement.

Online community The Conversationalist has created an Instagram filter quiz that allows users to discuss how they can enact positive change. Called Take Action, the AR filter gives several options surrounding taking positive action, with options ranging from “tag your favorite Black creators” and “tag Black activists you look up to” to questions like, “have you attended any protests?” and “are you registered to vote?”

The aim is to keep the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement alive and offer simple methods to stay socially involved.

Another similar filter was created by activist Toni Adeyemi. The AR filter helps you decide which Black Lives Matter-related charity to donate to by directing users towards organisations, charities, and movements committed to fighting racial inequality, such as National Bail Fund, Reclaim the Block, and Campaign Zero.

You can check out The Conversationalist’s filter and get involved here.

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