Boiler Room has shared an engrossing new mini-documentary tracing Ireland's burgeoning underground hip-hop scene. Titled Soft Boy Forever, it follows the record label and artist collective Soft Boy Records – comprised of such local figures as Kojaque, Kean Kavanagh, and Luka Palm – as they navigate their careers and artistry in an environment still adjusting to their work. Check it out in the player above.

Per a press release, the documentary depicts "the group working out of bedrooms and makeshift studios, their music covering topics from the Repeal the 8th Movement, gentrification in Dublin and the pressure on Irish men to live up to the traditional idea of masculinity. Soft Boy Forever explores the mentality that has brought them together: not to harden up against the issues they face in a modern Ireland, but to ‘stay soft.’ They are the future of Irish music and this is Dublin today."

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