Yesterday, Chance the Rapper appeared during a meeting at Chicago’s city hall to address the municipal board. He delivered an impassioned address against Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s plan to begin construction on a $95 million police academy, citing that “There’s a lot of ways to transform the city without policing.”

Mayor Emmanuel conveniently stepped out of the room during Chance’s presentation, which the rapper took note of: “I guess the mayor had to step out when I walked in… but it’s fine, I’ll just speak to you.”

The planned police academy is a divisive issue for the city of Chicago. Many are dubious as to the necessity of such a structure after staunch critiques of the behavior of the city’s police force by the Department of Justice. Its supporters however, such as the mayor, believe that the new academy will better prepare its officers and their conduct, ameliorating the complaints of the DOJ. Stay tuned to see how the situation develops.

In other music news, Eminem is teasing the first single from his highly-anticipated new album ‘Revival.’ Listen to it here.

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