Custom sneakers are very much part and parcel of the culture. Whether it’s DIY projects, more professional efforts, such as those from the likes of The Shoe Surgeon, or actual official releases that lean into the aesthetic, like Virgil Abloh’s original “The Ten” collection.

With the sneaker market — and thus the custom market — as saturated as it is, it’s rare that a sneaker immediately grabs our attention. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve seen it all already. Enter Chef Huy Le’s custom Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 1 Low, which the customizer made for Chloe Grace Moretz.

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Huy Le’s design displays several hallmarks of a popular custom. It takes one of the most beloved projects of the last five years and turns it into a low-top. Le’s custom also features an aged patina, giving off vintage Hender Scheme vibes. No loud colors are used, as the overall design is relatively muted, allowing the sneaker to stand out for its masterful construction and quality, rather than a contrasting color scheme.

The shoe is displayed in two different colorways. One features a whiter upper, with hints of that vintage cream aesthetic. The other looks like a well-worn-in pair.

This is probably one of the best-executed custom sneakers we’ve seen in a while, and we’re infinitely envious of Chloe Grace Moretz’s new kicks. Check out Chef Huy Le’s other work here.

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