After the initial release in October, one of our favorite brands of 2018, Chinatown Market, has restocked the insanely practical "function forward" Utility Chest Rig.

The accessory is available in plain black, as well as two new checked colorways: black and white, and red and white.

According to Chinatown Market, one can fit any number of items in the handy, easy-to-access pockets of the chest rig: pens, tissues, Pop-Tarts, cables, a weed pen, glasses, Playstation controllers, beer, Capri Sun, a lighter, Chapstick, a camera, floss, snacks, and most importantly, Sriracha. The world is your oyster with the Utility Chest Rig.

To find out how to correctly wear your newest accessory, watch the instructional video below.

The Utility Chest Rig is available now for $60 from Chinatown Market.

Not to toot our own horn, but Highsnobiety recently collaborated with Chinatown Market on a limited edition tee. Check it out here.

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