To protest this year’s President’s Day, Chinatown Market halted the sale of its products and announced it would only be releasing one anti-Trump T-shirt.

The shirt, which reads, “We will be closed on Monday February 19th in observance of 44 out of our 45 Presidents,” across the front, was shared on Instagram using a picture of Kanye West.

While many fans were excited at seeing a stern West donning the protest shirt, others were quick to call out the brand for allegedly using a retouched image of the rapper to help promote sales.

As seen in the comments, users called out the hypocrisy of choosing West, who formerly cosigned Trump, while others dryly stated, “love the photoshop job” and “as if only 44 of them were racist.”

Whether the image was retouched or not remains to be seen, but check out the image above and let us know what you think of the protest. The product has now sold out, but you can see it in more detail over at the brand’s web store.

In related news, Barack Obama has become the most name-dropped President in music.

  • Main & Featured Image: Chinatown Market
Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

A Berlin-based gal from Brum.