A new online course teaching students how to navigate the pitfalls and potential prizes of the art markethas just been launched by famed auction house Christie's. The course is aimed at those wanting to start a career as artists, buyers, or gallerists.

The art market is as lucrative as it is confusing and intimidating. Last year, David Hockney became the highest-selling living artist when his Portrait of an Artist (Pool With Two Figures) sold for more than $90 million, while Banksy's Girl With Balloon became even more valuable than its $1.4 million selling price after shredding itself immediately after auction.

Through lectures and interviews with leading figures, the course explains the structure of the market and teaches students how to accurately calculate risk when purchasing art. To put it simply, it will explain why Hockney's painting was worth such an eye-watering amount while other works languish in obscurity.

Christie's Art Market Economics course costs $1,500. Head to the Christie's Education website for more information.

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