Whether you're attending the festival or not, Instagram is a pivotal tool for the Coachella experience. Here, we've been presented with an in-depth Instagram guide for those at Coachella, as well as anybody trying to witness the action while at home.

For those remote, you'll want to follow Instagram accounts @Coachella and @DesertSun. Coachella will be providing you with real-time behind-the-scenes content and all relevant festival updates, while Desert Sun serves as Coachella Valley’s number one most-viewed news source.

In addition, below is a list of the top Coachella celebrities and artists who will be on-hand throughout the weekend.

@beyonce @sza @iamcardib @migos @kygomusic @miguel @postmalone @theweeknd @st_vincent @eminem @feliciathegoat @bornsmusic

Lastly, those at home should pay attention to #Coachella, #Coachella2018, #FestivalFashion, #FestivalBeauty, and #FerrisWheel, as well as all other pertinent hashtags to stay up on the current happenings in Indio.

Anyone attending Coachella 2018 can then use Instagram both as your go-to photo app and festival lifeline. Courtesy of Instagram Stories, you can share all your Coachella moments throughout the day. To get the most out of Stories, take advantage of IG features such as the all-new Focus Camera, Superzoom, Face Filters, Sticker Packs, Polling Stickers, and GIFs.

Instagram Live also allows you to interact with your followers in real-time, and vice versa, while Instagram Direct gives you the opportunity to communicate with groups of friends all at once.

The above hashtags are also a great way for you to share your Coachella experience, as well as to witness what everyone else is doing.

Now, these are the 20 artists you can't miss at Coachella 2018.

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