Coca-Cola is making strides to be more sustainable. The company just unveiled the world’s first bottle created using recycled plastic waste from the ocean. The first 300 bottles introduced are made from 25% marine waste retrieved as litter by volunteers on Mediterranean beaches over the course of 84 cleanups.

A video released by Coca-Cola introduces the recycling technology developed in partnership with Dutch startup Ioniqa Technologies and Indorama Venture — watch it above. The clip shows how previously unrecyclable PET plastics are "upcycled" into high quality plastics via a process called depolymerisation. This ground-breaking innovation means lower-grade plastics can now be broken down and reformed into the materials that can be used to create food-grade quality PET plastic.

In a statement made to the Telegraph a Coca-Cola rep said "Our aim, working in partnership, is to see the term “single-use plastic” become redundant, both in our business and beyond."

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