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Conor McGregor was down on the field at the AT&T Stadium ahead of the Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game on Sunday. The UFC fighter was a guest of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and wearing one of his famously tight tailored suits when he decided to throw the football.

It quickly became abundantly clear that McGregor has no future in football. Throwing punches is one thing, throwing QB passes quite another. A video posted on Twitter by The Checkdown shows the Irish fighter’s hilariously bad form when throwing the pigskin. Check out the clip below.

Of course, the internet — forever standing at a distance safe enough to crack jokes at the expense of a former UFC champ — seized on McGregor’s terrible pass, making the five-yard throw its new favorite meme. And as always, we’ve rounded up the best and funniest for you to scroll through below.

…and never should again

In fairness, they play a different football in Ireland

A bit of comic relief after the Khabib brawl craziness

Shots fired

Buffalo Bills QB Nathan Peterman got dragged into things

Combined gifs are the best gifs

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