Independent New York City-based football club Nowhere FC, which doubles as a creative agency called Fly Nowhere, has teamed up with FIFA 21.

The partnership includes a collection of Nowhere FC jerseys, tracksuits, logos, and more, all of which can be used in the popular Ultimate Team game mode. And while that crossover is another prime example of the continued overlap of streetwear and e-gaming, it’s not even the best part of the partnership.

Nowhere FC has also put together an apparel collection for VOLTA. VOLTA is an in-game street football mode, where players can engage in small-sided games, hang out in the lobby with friends, and customize their squad — both on and off the pitch. This is where Nowhere FC comes in, creating a capsule that comprises hand-dyed jerseys, tracksuits, and — the crown jewel of the collection — a goggled hat and jacket that is very reminiscent of legendary Italian brand C.P. Company’s signature pieces.

While the goggled apparel is only Nowhere FC-branded, it’s not hard to imagine the NYC collective took direct inspiration from C.P. Company, as the Chinatown football club just announced its own official C.P. Company collaboration in real life. Adding further fuel to the fire, C.P. Company’s official Instagram account reposted the in-game apparel, all but confirming the homage.

Commenters under Nowhere FC’s posts were quick to point out the C.P. Company link. We don't know why an official three-way collaboration failed to materialize, but it likely has to do with legal issues. Unofficial or not, the C.P. Company co-sign on Instagram is reason enough to start a squad in VOLTA.

Travis Scott was one of the first to combine his love for gaming with streetwear monetization, Louis Vuitton quickly followed, and it looks like Nowhere FC and EA Sports are off to a good start. Here’s to hoping we get more such crossovers in future FIFA games.

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