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DaniLeigh isn't trying to fill anyone else's shoes, but she's certainly making things more competitive for her peers in the industry. From a young age, she showed potential for stardom in the performance art realm as a singer, rapper, dancer, and choreographer. As fate would have it, a miraculous encounter with Prince in Los Angeles lead to the mentorship of a lifetime while also igniting the buzz that helped her solo career take flight.

Now, the 24-year-old has become one of Def Jam's most promising artists on their roster. Last year, she finally dropped her debut album, The Plan. In the midst of gearing up for her next project, DaniLeigh recently partnered with PUMA to be the face of their Future Rider campaign.

"I just want to be super successful in anything that I do," she says. "So if I'm doing music, it's to lead the top and really make an impact in people's lives."

Given that DaniLeigh is one of the most forward-thinking artists in the game, we wanted to get her thoughts on some of the latest trending topics. Scroll down to see how she feels about everything from oat milk and luxury straws to hot girl summer and Euphoria.

PUMA Future Rider

"I'm super excited that these are the shoes that I'm representing because they're fly. I'm a big person on a shape of a shoe. So I think the shape is really dope. The colors that they chose are amazing. I'm big on colors and shapes so they gave me a great shoe to represent."

Hot Girl Summer

"I think Hot Girl Summer is lit. Obviously, I feel like Megan [Thee Stallion] holds that, so I'll give her props to that, but there's a lot of girls killing the game right now. It's definitely a Hot Girl Summer, we got the guys beat up 100 points."

Dior’s $150 reusable straws

"Those are fire. I'm about to go get some of those. It's definitely a good thing because it's helping the environment. I'm not going to lie, it's kind of annoying when the straws get all soggy and you can't really drink the rest of your smoothie. But if it's saving the environment and animals, I'm all for it."

Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch
Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch

"Old Town Road"

"I'm super happy for him, Lil Nas X. He seems like he's a really cool, genuine kid too... It was a great record. It was a one of those stand out records, you know?"


"Yes. I finished all of 'Euphoria,' which is dumb. I thought the last episode was weird. I didn't expect the whole singing and stuff... It definitely threw me off, but [Zendaya]'s incredible. She's doing, she's killing it on the show so I'm happy for her."


"I like to spend my time in the studio, but outside of that I like to chill with my friends and catch a vibe... Go to the beach or the pool, something like that. I'm an adventurous person, but I also am always down to chill. But there's always something's happening right now, so I don't even have time for that."

Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch
Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch

Oat milk

"I like to do coconut milk. Oat milk is actually really good. Usually, I ask for coconut milk though. Walnut milk is very good... There's a lot of different types of milk. I was vegan this whole year, so I started drinking that kind of milk, but coconut milk was the easiest for me to find. I wanted to stay focused and I kind of took a break from everything like liquor. I started it pretty much when I did my first tour so I was super healthy, energetic, skin was popping. I saw the difference. So I was just doing that; healthy mind, healthy body. I'm eating meat again, but you know I'm getting a little thicker so it's kind of cool. I lost a lot of weight when I was vegan."

Disney's live action remakes

"To be honest, I haven't seen Lion King... I've heard a lot of bad things about it, but I do want to go see, I just haven't had the time to go see it."

Clown behavior

"So girls acting a fool for men? One time I started talking to this guy and I was super in it. It was literally like a rebound for real, and I gave him so much clothes and some of my luggage... I gave him a nice ass Supreme bag. And then after I stopped talking to him, maybe after like a month, I was just like, 'Wow, why did I give him all that stuff? Now I don't have any of that stuff and I want it back.' I want to ask for it back, but I'm just like, 'Whatever!' I was taking care of this guy, what the heck! What's wrong with me... So never again. No more clowning."

Skincare routine

"I wash my face every day, like every morning, every night. I'll never go to sleep with makeup on, that's one thing about me, like never. Even if I don't take a shower, I come home I just wipe my face off and literally put on my moisturizer. I use a couple different ones, but my face wash is from Keihl's. I like to put on face masks, especially when I'm traveling. I'll just buy some at Sephora and stuff."

Five-year plans

"I like to look at my years and see where I'm going to go. My five year plan in five years, I really expect to be like humongous. It's all in the works. I'm more of a plan my year out, different things happen like, and then it adds to the rest of the plan."

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