David Attenborough has joined Instagram. However, if you thought Sir Atts was making his IG debut to put your outdoor wear game to shame with daily fit pics or to post selfies with mountain lions (though that would be great), he's not. Instead, he's arriving with a warning: "The world is in trouble."

Attenborough had not been hankering to join social media — a fact that's made quite clear in the caption of his first post (which isn't actually written by him, but by two colleagues who worked on A Life On Our Planet). The veteran broadcaster knows that the planet is in an extremely sorry state, and in an era of ever-shortening attention spans, Instagram is one of the few ways to reach the "youth" and actually make us actually listen. Or, as the caption states, "saving our planet is now a communications challenge."

In a recorded message, he runs through the multiple catastrophic effects of climate change — but it's not all doom and gloom. He promises that, via a series of yet to be published clips, he'll run through these issues specifically and provide a number of tools for how we can collectively tackle them.

Watch below — and then vote for the people who actually want to take action on climate change.

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