DC Shoes recently held a special exhibition alongside artist Persue at Basement Ginza in Tokyo. Running from March 22 to March 31, the installation featured works by more than 30 global artists, using New York City MTA "Wet Paint" signs from NY subway stations.

The MTA signs served as canvases for the "WET PAINT" exhibition, as the likes of Stash, Kevin Lyons, Tristan Easton, Lauren YS, CaraToes, Wane and YAS 5, among others, presented their own unique redesigns of the signage. Many of the artists collaborated with Persue, while others worked solo. Canadian artist KWEST, for example, turned his sign into a 3D sculpture. In addition to the "WET PAINT" recreations, numerous artists also customized DC footwear.

A selection of the "WET PAINT" goods were available for purchase at the art installation, alongside an exclusive large format zine. You can, however, shop the remaining hand-painted items here.

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