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Artist Devin Troy Strother has teamed up with Case Studyo for a new release, the “Colour in the Night” lamp. The Piece sees Devin exploring race in America, ultimately addressing its pitfalls through alternate narratives.

Strother’s goal is to disarm stereotypes by taking aim at racial caricatures with humor. His ceramic “Colour in the Night” sculpture then features a black ghost holding a candle, which also functions as a lamp.

The depiction of the ghost dressed in white bedsheets with eyeholes is a racially charged image dating back to the post U.S. Civil War period, eventually going on to serve as inspiration for the uniforms of the Ku Klux Klan, as their attire was intended to look ghostly.

According to Case Studyo, the artist is attempting to provoke emotion with “Colour in the Night” and further the conversation. Limited to 100 units, and coming with a special photo book, Devin Troy Strother and Case Studyo’s “Colour in the Night” lamp is available now.

In other design news, UNDERCOVER and MEDICOM TOY are bringing back the rare “Hamburger Lamp.”

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