DJ Khaled has hinted that his next album will drop this summer, and Drake could be featured on the lead single.

"There no summer wit out a KHALED ANTHEM! I AM SUMMER! New album in the works and FIRST SINGLE BEEN DONE !" he wrote in a recent Instagram post where he discussed a forthcoming project. "I got a big shoot coming up," he teased.

Shortly after, he posted a screenshot from a video call with Mark Wahlberg. "Bless up [Mark Wahlberg] , [Mark] was checking on my availability for the next big film also checking in wit my [family] thank u," he wrote.

Earlier this week, Khaled celebrated his 2019 album, Father Of Asahd, being certified platinum. In an announcement post, he boasted that “only hip-hop artist to have three back-to-back platinum albums in the last 4 years,” before revealing a juicy piece of intel about the follow-up album.

“First single BEEN done!” he writes, adding,“ x  MORE CHUNE PON THEY HEAD TOP.” The owl could very well indicate that Drake, his longtime hit-making collaborator, will feature on the lead single.

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