Dockers is launching an environmentally conscious capsule to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WATER

The fashion industry is one of the largest consumers of water in the world. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the thirsty business of textile production uses 93 billion cubic meters of water annually, and that’s before you consider the 20 billion cubic meters of water we use every year to wash our clothes. Reducing water usage is critical to creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

That’s why, in 2010, Levi Strauss & Co. developed the WATER

Dockers has long-stood for qualitative, timeless and longlasting apparel, and it is now adopting this production method with the goal of cutting the amount of water used in areas of "high water stress" by 50 percent in the next five years. The first capsule launching today counts its signature Alpha Chinos and a range of premium summer staples including t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies. The Chinos also include an internal trim guide, to encourage wearers to give them a new lease of life as they age by easily cutting them shorts.


This capsule is just one part of a larger environmental initiative on the brand’s agenda. In addition to WATER

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