Donatella Versace has penned an open letter to Vogue explaining her experience of self-quarantining in Italy.

The letter was penned from her home in Milan and starts by offering a message of community and solidarity. "The reason why I wanted to send this message is to let you know that no one is alone in fighting this battle."

Versace expressed that the Italian government's strict rules in regard to quarantine helped to curb the spread Covid-19 in the country. "We can only get out of our homes for very specific reasons only: to go to work — if your job has been declared essential to make sure that our society does not collapse — and to buy food or medicines. Everything else has been prohibited."

She also gave props to doctors and nurses on the pandemic frontline, writing that "we owe it to them, and to everybody else who is fighting this pandemic relentlessly and heroically."

Italy's death and infected numbers have decreased since Monday, March 23. While Versace agreed that it is too soon to celebrate, she offered a hopeful note. "This means only one thing for me: These measures are finally working."

Head to Vogue to read her letter in full.


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