Drake celebrated his 34th birthday over the weekend, and even during a pandemic, he managed to unite his friends for a festive soirée. As photos and videos from the party continue to trickle in, there has been one element talked about more frequently than any other: the food menu.

Drake blessed those in attendance with two courses, but one dish in particular has raised eyebrows. One of the second course options was macaroni and cheese, which seems normal enough, until you read the description. This particular version of the staple dish was made with raisins and capers.

To be fair, however, it could have been a typo with the menu, seeing as the grilled cauliflower listed above the mac and cheese featured the same ingredients. But, if someone out there is really making the dish with raisins — why, just why?

After getting wind of the birthday menu, fans have taken to social media to roast Drake over his mac and cheese recipe. For a good laugh, see below to read some of the standout reactions.

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