Eyeing up your Insta feed in recent weeks, you’ll likely have spotted a new sneaker spring up that’s turning heads and sparking conversation. The silhouette in question is the yet-to-be-released ECCO BIOM C, and today we’ve got the full scoop ahead of its drop date.

The new design is at first surprising considering ECCO usually applies its “form follows function” philosophy to footwear built for the great outdoors. But, despite the BIOM C’s bold look and range of colorways, a quick glance under the hood reveals that the shoe is as technically sound as it is easy on the eye.

The ECCO BIOM C is powered by the Scandi brand’s innovative BIOM sole technology that launched a little over 10 years ago and has been the driving force behind many of ECCO’s outdoor shoes since. Working with the curvature and shape of the foot, BIOM gives an almost barefoot feel. The outsole has a rugged texture for grip on tough terrain and in all weather conditions, while ECCO’s FLUIDFORM creates a durable bond between the sole and the neoprene upper.

The abundance of on-display technology gives the silhouette a gorpcore vibe which is amplified by the four available colorways: yellow, pink, green, and orange. Ultimately, the shoe fulfills a modern desire for both tried and tested quality and stylish design.

As with most of today’s most hyped releases, it’s Instagram’s style-savvy influencers that are first to get their hands on the new sneaker. We’ve rounded up looks from creative director Joel Palmer, documentary photographer Aria Shahrokhshahi, sneaker aficionado Kish Kash, and artist Ayesha Tan Jones. Check it out across the page and let us know which colorway you’ll be copping in the comments below.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor