The latest episode of Rick and Morty has ended months of speculation as to why Elon Musk temporarily changed his Twitter handle to “Elon Tusk.”

Theories ranged from an allusion to “elephant-sized acquisition” in India to an imminent deal with Warren Buffet. As we learned last night in “One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty” it was, in fact, a reference to his tusked, alternate-reality counterpart in episode three of season four.

Musk voiced the part of Elon Tusk, a tusk-wielding incarnation of the Tesla CEO, who has managed to remain humble thanks to his elephantine teeth.

The Times reports that when pressed about the mysterious name switch, Musk told reporters, “I was just playing the fool on Twitter.” The recent reveal comes in time to divert at least some attention from his ill-fated “bulletproof” window Cybertruck launch, which has consumed Twitter in recent days.

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