Big name brands ripping off the work of individual designers is, unfortunately, a fairly common practice in the fashion industry. One of the more recent, controversial instances of this practice was ZARA’s blatant plagiarism of designer Tuesday Bassen’s work. The latest victim of design-theft is Complex editor Emily Oberg, who took to social media to share an incredibly suspicious bunch of hoodies from Forever 21.

Forever 21 recently launched a set of white hoodies that bear the words “smart & pretty” in a serif on the hoodies left breast. Oberg was quick to point out that this is essentially a carbon copy of the work from her own personal brand, Sporty & Rich. Specifically, it is the same as her brand’s white hoodie, which features the brand name in a serif on the (you guessed it) front left chest.

Her Instagram post is certainly shady, but warranted. It seems far too big a coincidence for the established retail chain to come up with something so similar. Yet in spite of this, Oberg has yet to make any plans regarding legal action, nor has Forever 21 made any kind of response.

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