Eminem appeared on the latest episode of Mike Tyson's podcast Hotboxin. During the almost hour-long chat, the rapper had a heart-to-heart with the boxing legend about his family life, his expansive career, and the reason he can't watch his Oscars performance.

During the February ceremony, Em surprised viewers with a performance of his hit "Lose Yourself," however the rapper says that the moment was almost ruined by loose microphone equipment.

"When I went out there everything was cool. I go through the first verse and they had the mic pack that you wear to clip on your belt and your in-ears so you can hear the sound. And I’m rapping and all of a sudden I see between my legs the motherfucking pack’s swinging," he told Tyson. "That was the one thing we didn’t plan for and of course it went wrong."

Eminem said he spent the rest of the performance trying to secure the mic pack. He hasn't been able to watch the performance since. “I ain’t watched it. I got creeped out, I don’t want to see this shit, I’ll just get angry.”

Later in the interview, Tyson, who appeared in Eminem's "Godzilla" video, praised the rapper for his rise to fame. "Everything you got was, fuckin'—not even given to you. You fuckin' slaved for it, you know what I mean? You're the only white guy that knows what it's like to be a n***a."

An emotional Eminem reciprocated the compliment, saying “I just gotta say like bro, you are like, a god to me."

Watch the full interview below.

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