The first season finale of HBO's Euphoria just aired and to say it was intense is an understatement. Without giving too much away, the episode was emotional (as expected), dramatic, and already has us mourning the temporary departure of the most out-there show on TV right now.

The show has certainly come a long way since early discussions about the show's onscreen dick count. And thankfully, Euphoria has already been greenlit by HBO for another season. But as some Twitter users pointed out, we're not sure whether we can wait a whole year to find out what happens to Rue and co.

Browse the best reactions to the season finale below.

Warning: spoilers from the finale of Euphoria season one below.

Zendaya is a queen

We lost it when her vocals came in at the end

Nate was a lot

Still can't believe she was wearing her dad's clothes

Jules is Nate 2.0

We're not ready for it to end

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