Brand: 032c x Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando

Key Pieces: The standout piece in this exclusive, limited edition drop has to be the sand-colored camo overshirt, which features graphic, Latin text referencing the path Boateng's life has taken.

Release Date: Late August, exact date TBC.

Buy: Bread&&Butter

Editor’s Notes: Described as a "hyperpersonal" collection, the collaborative drop from 032c and Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando (B&&B) is filled with references to the German footballer's favorite things. Boateng particularly loves the color baby blue, dogs (he has a pitbull called Ivory), hip-hop, and camouflage, all of which you can see elements of in the preview up top. The capsule title follows in the same vein: BOA17, nodding to his pitch nickname, Boa, and his number, 17.

Arriving exclusively to B&&B in late August, the drop comprises socks, hats, shoe laces, and pins. A desert camo over shirt takes center stage — the latin phrase "Per Aspera Ad Astra”  is emblazoned across it, which means “Through hardship to the stars," referencing Boateng's journey from a Berlin suburb to international fame.

B&&B takes place in Berlin, Germany from 31 August - September 2.

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