Farfetch continue their 121 series, this time with knitwear specialists Arne & Carlos. Aside from the usual stuff (design process, influences, etc), the interview touches on the duo's remote location.

Why did you choose to live and work in the Valdres Region of Norway? It is meant to be very beautiful, with a long history of folk arts and crafts…

Yes, we live and work on top of a mountain in the region of Valdres – and hardly have any neighbours. We can live in a remote area like this because of modern technology. We are far from any big city, but we are not isolated, thanks to internet, fax, telephone, Skype etc... These beautiful surroundings inspire us and enable us to work. We also travel extensively, but when we return to our environment we are always inspired to start work. This area of Norway is very traditional, especially when it comes to the arts – there is a strong history of knitting, weaving and felting. So it is very useful when we are researching old techniques, because there are always people around with this knowledge that are willing to teach us.

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