Square Enix has released a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake, one month ahead of the game's official release As of today, you can go ahead and play the first chapter of the anticipated Japanese role-playing game.

The demo description notes that players will follow Cloud and Barrett in attempts to plant a bomb in Mako Reactor 1, all while trying out the revamped combat system of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Unfortunately, however, any progress made during the session will not carry over to the main game. Anyone who downloads the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo will be awarded an exclusive theme, which will be available beginning April 11.

A new edition of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, is scheduled to release April 10, following a recent delay. The game was first announced in 2015.

PS4 users can follow the link in the tweet below to play the newly-released Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

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