Philadephia's Four Seasons Total Landscaping was thrust into the limelight this weekend after the Trump campaign booked the location for a major press conference. Now, the company spun the Trumpian fumble into a hilarious merch opportunity.

True to form, the president "accidentally" disclosed the location mix-up in a series of tweets. In a now-deleted tweet, he announced a “big press conference” to be held at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, before clarifying that it, er, would actually be held at a landscaping company with a similar name.

The actual Four Seasons Hotel was quick to distance themselves from the ill-fated press event.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping, however, saw the funny side. It announced that as of today, Monday, November 9, it's selling merch to commemorate this time in the spotlight. The merch design itself isn't exactly great, but the idea? The idea is hilarious — especially the "Make America Rake Again/ Lawn And Order" five-dollar bumper sticker. Head to their website to cop your very own.

Artist Shing Yin Khor was even quicker to the mark. On Saturday night, after several celebratory mimosas, they made their own commemorative tee. All profits are being donated to the Georgia runoffs. Neither of Georgia’s Republican senators drew a majority on Election Day, sending both of their races to special rematches in January that will likely determine control of the Senate.

Unfortunately, the bizarre turn of events has made Four Seasons Total Landscaping the target of a trolling offensive. As of Sunday, the company had more than 50 reviews and a Yelp rating that had plummeted to 1.5 stars. Yesterday, they released the following message on the Instagram account, clarifying that they would have gladly hosted any presidential campaign.

We're likely to see a lot fewer gaffs at a presidential level now that Trump is projected to lose the presidency. To celebrate everyone doing their part to vote him out and a record number of women being elected to the Senate, we’ve created our own limited-edition Highsnobiety Election Tee. Pre-order it here.

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