fritz hansen egg chair kawashima textile celcon Aoki Akiko Ino Masayuki Taro Horiuchi
Kawashima Textile Celcon

Esteemed Japanese textile manufacturer Kawashima Textile Celcon has joined forces with three burgeoning Japanese fashion designers who aim to lead the company's endeavors on the future of textile. points out that the textile manufacturer was founded in 1843.

Consisting of designers Aoki Akiko, Ino Masayuki and Taro Horiuchi, each designed their own distinctive patterned fabric: AKIKOAOKI, doublet, and TARO HORIUCHI respectively, by utilizing their signature aesthetics. The fabrics are implemented on the classic "Egg" chair by renowned Scandinavian furniture maker Fritz Hansen.

Beginning March 28, the collaborative chairs and fabrics designed by all three designers will be showcased at the Fritz Hansen Aoyama Main Store, as Kawashima Textile Celcon considers the future of textile and its brand, more than 100 years later. For more information, head over to our Japanese website,

Fritz Hansen Aoyama Main Store 3-10-11 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1st Floor, 1st Basement Floor

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