Picking a new set of glasses is about to get a whole lot easier as Gentle Monster steps into the optical game. To mark the occasion, GM explores the theme of identity in a new campaign titled "GENTLE."

For beginners in the world of optical lens glasses, taking the plunge can be a difficult task. Whether that means ditching your contact lenses, having your first foray with vision assistance, or finally replacing the pair you sat on two years ago – a new pair of glasses is a big deal. From the frame color to material and shape, your everyday pair often becomes an extension of yourself.

The nuances of individuality and visual self-expression are explored and celebrated within the campaign through its diverse lineup of twelve influencers and models. Each model is shot against a blank canvas, a shared space in which the visuals are led by how we choose to be seen, with the opticals we choose being the final piece in crafting our character.

Shot by Dutch photographer Ari Versluis, the campaign is a continuation of its work that creates "a record of societal attempts to distinguish oneself from others by assuming a group identity through manners of striking dress code..."

The collection won't make creating your shortlist for a new pair of optical any easier, as it's set to arrive in fifteen handcrafted styles that make up a collection of sixty frames in a spectrum of colors. The full lineup is set to arrive online and at Gentle Monster flagship stores on September 10, so you've got plenty of time to start picking your favorites from the campaign. 

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