Ever wish you could pay a visit to James Cameron's magical Avatar universe? Well, upon getting a glimpse at these beautiful photographs of plants that capture the light they emit, you'll at least feel like you've made the trip in some sense.

First and foremost, yes, the plants featured in the imagery above are indeed real. Photographer Craig Burrows has managed to capture the vibrant organisms reflecting light, as all plants of course do, emitting longer wavelengths visible to the human eye. The concept is in turn somewhat similar to peering at an illuminating black light photo.

In order to capture such light and color from plants, Burrows utilize ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography, which he discovered three years ago. Since, the photographer has shot over five dozen plants, including Mexican sunflowers, calla lilies and silk floss tree flowers.

Photoshop is also a necessary evil for this particular process, but the final result is — well — see for yourself above.

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