Located in East Fremantle, Australia is a modified residence dubbed the "Goldtree House," a 1950’s dwelling that underwent a series of alterations and additions conducted by local firm Hartree + Associates.

As Arch Daily points out, the project was to "deliver agile spaces hosting a family celebrating teenage twins, have an awareness of harsh climatic conditions; be proud of salmon brick and maximize views to Fremantle Harbour," according to the architects.

The reconstruction involved removing the roof of the existing home and implementing a new level on top that utilizes primary living spaces and the master bedroom, while the kitchen is enhanced with the best views. The home boasts an airy open design with screened glass walls that retract to integrate inside and out, enabling an immersive experience overall.

Elsewhere, the ground level is prioritized for the teenagers and their friends, as the spaces were stripped back and re-organized to meet demands of contemporary life. The living spaces engage with the landscape and views, along with the passage of the sun and outdoor air circulation, while the entry gallery connects elements of the home to the street, and extends through the veranda, garden and pool.

Overall, the residence is updated with a more sustainable outlook with the usage of a photovoltaic solar panel array, energy and water management through orientation, natural ventilation, selection of appropriate fixtures and fittings, and the infrastructure has been fitted to support two wind turbines as well as power storage batteries.

For an in-depth look with more imagery, floor plans and sections, head on over to Arch Daily.

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