In today’s age of influence, it’s easier than ever to put yourself on display — but it’s just as easy to feel overwhelmed. There is such an abundance of opportunity for us to create that the whole process can quickly become daunting. Finding and developing a specific creative voice takes energy, self-awareness, and time — but all great online content starts with a camera, and that’s where Google comes in. The Google Pixel 7 Pro was designed to change the smartphone camera game, so naturally, we had to see if it gets the content creator seal of approval.

For Berlin-based creators such as stylist and model Yaya Tourai, crochet artist Pauline Deckert, charity worker Wana Limar, jewelry designer Kiala Kanzi, and dancer and model Nelly, the Google Pixel 7 Pro offers a chance to be more ambitious than ever with their content. Its camera, for starters, offers new creative opportunities. It boasts an impressive three lenses — wide-, ultra-wide-angle, and Telephoto for that perfect long-distance shot. It also comes with image tools such as a Cinematic Mode, a Macro Focus zoom, the Magic Eraser, which can remove unwanted objects from photos, and Real Tone, which allows the camera to accurately showcase different skin tones in varying light scenarios.

To put the new features to the test, our creators got their hands on the Google Pixel 7 Pro and got to work. They shared their thoughts on the phone, and on their creative process in general.

Yaya Tourai — Stylist & content creator

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How did using the Google Pixel 7 Pro change your content experience?

It was an absolute blast, especially the color accuracy of this phone — it’s simply amazing, so realistic and sharp, so most of the time there is no need to color grade your videos and photos.

What are your top tips for creating visual content in fashion?

Originality! Stay true to yourself and to what feels right for you. Of course, try out new stuff and have fun with it, be open, but at the same time don’t hop on every trend. Try to find your own aesthetic/vibe, and last but not least (this is a hard but important one) let your content reflect your personality.

Which of the phone’s features did you find most useful?

As a black man I’m really loving the Real Tone feature, it helps me showcase myself in my true colors which is very beautiful and important to me since I want my audience or people in general who get to see my creations to see me exactly the way I am, “not perfect”, just like everyone else out there.

Pauline Deckert — Crochet artist

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Talk us through your creation process, from inspiration and ideation, to execution

My creative process is always linked to finding the most interesting color combinations. I will pick yarn and have a big pile on my desk to either choose from intuitively or recreate combinations I’ve seen before. I get inspired and crochet, I get inspired while crocheting, and basically I constantly crochet, all the time, everywhere. My creative process never really looks the same and I love that.

Crocheting takes time — how do you edit and show the viewers your process in a dynamic way?

I always try to tell a story when I create visual crochet content. Maybe that’s because I come from a theater costume design background, but I find it really pleasing to have some storytelling rather than only showing off techniques. Get creative, work with perspectives, and let the audience dive a little into your universe.

Which of the phone's features did you find most useful?

After using the camera for the first time, I found the Macro Focus feature so inspiring — I spent hours taking photos of the inside of my tulips! The way you can zoom into the flower and it shows you all the hidden colors is stunning. I think I’ll spend even more time in nature and capture all the little things with this feature to use later in my crochet designs!

Wana Limar — Activist & charity worker, founder of jewelry brand Sevar Studios

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How do you find inspiration and develop your creative voice?

I'm at my most creative when I'm withdrawing from the internet and finding peace, whether alone or in conversation with others. Then I always connect with my inner voice and find my way back to my focus. Most of my ideas and work are purpose-driven, it is important to me to think holistically and plan sustainably - this often happens quite naturally, because it’s intrinsic.

How did using the Google Pixel 7 Pro change your perspective on content?

I immediately noticed how much more productive I was! Because I work professionally with different teams on different projects — SEVAR studios, Visions for Children, as well as my management — and we use a lot of Google Workspace software, which makes the workflow with the Pixel smooth and efficient. And then of course there’s the camera! Real Tone works so well, every shot is perfect, and you don't have to deal with editing and corrections forever afterward, the phone takes care of that itself!

What are your top tips for finding your own creative voice?

I find it important to keep checking in with yourself and to keep asking yourself the question: What do I want in life? And why? Are my needs and desires driven by will or fear? What is behind my ambitions and what are the igniters of my drive? We often strive for things that we actually don't want, because we have internalized and unconsciously accepted them. Everyone can reflect on this for themselves because it helps to reconnect with your pure, unbiased creativity.

Kiala Kanzi — Jewelry designer

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​​It’s a new day in your jewelry design studio — where do you start?

Usually, it starts with the initial idea which can be a moment In life, a stone, a color, or a symbol that caught my attention, and then it’s about bringing it onto the body — and if you know where it’ll fit, then it’s about how to get it there. Then I pick the material, and add stones or textures.

How did using the Google Pixel 7 Pro for the first time change your experience?

I was very impressed by the Macro Focus and how it can capture the smallest details. It makes it possible to actually take your photos yourself and not depend on an expensive camera or a photographer. It’s really cool that you can spontaneously take very high-definition pictures, I’ve never seen something like it before.

What are your top tips for finding new jewelry design ideas?

It’s all about the details and simplicity. The simplest ideas are often the best, but also the most difficult to find. My new collection is made up of tiny charms and that’s where the inspiration came from. I wanted the models to be tiny too and after thinking a lot about all the options I had, I decided to create them myself.

Nelly — Dancer

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Where do you find inspiration for your dance videos?

Everything inspires me. If I get an idea, I immediately film it at any given location. A lot of times I catch up on these ideas to work on them in a dance studio to create an even bigger project out of them. If I can't visualize my ideas properly, I simply change the setting to catch the right vibes! After that, I'm ready to share my content with the world, and hopefully inspire others.

How did using the Google Pixel 7 Pro for the first time change your experience?

It changed my perspective on what a camera is capable of doing. Real Tone captured my exact skin tone in a bright and dark setting! I'm very happy to see how developing features in favor of people of color has become a thing!

What are your top tips for creating dynamic and engaging dance content?

Less is more, try not to use too many effects. Instead, try to catch the viewers' attention with your personality. Focus on your facial expression, your personality, and your personal style.

In a fast-paced world of constant competition, it's more important than ever to take time for yourself and focus on your own process. Unlocking your own creativity can happen in the blink of an eye, as long as you keep experimenting — and the Google Pixel 7 Pro certainly seems well-equipped to help you out with that.

Discover and shop the Google Pixel 7 Pro online now.

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