As 2017 comes to an end, the team over at Grailed have taken a look back at the year of major resales, huge offers, and clutch buys. In an effort to help sellers find out what’s moving, the company spotlights the 30 biggest and most relevant brands on their online market platform in a new interactive chart. It hopefully will help give insight about how users are buying and selling on Grailed.

They created an interactive chart that outlines how each brand has moved throughout the last four quarters of 2017. In the chart, you’ll find the most popular item from each quarter for every single brand moving from left to right (the item furthest left represents that respective brand’s most popular item in Quarter 1, moving in order to the right, with the final item representing the most popular item in Quarter 4).

A few key highlights from the chart show that Supreme reigned supreme and maintained its spot as the most popular brand on the site while adidas consistently held down second place. The “Kanye Effect” is still clearly real even though Mr. West hasn't been in the spotlight much. However, keep an eye out on the “Virgil Effect” as OFF-WHITE finished the year out strong beating Kanye in Q4.

Check out how the other 30 biggest brands did in 2017 on the full interactive chart on

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