Grimes dropped a new single, "Player Of Games," and the player in question seems to be Elon Musk.

"Sail away / To the cold expanse of space / Even love couldn't keep you in your place," our favorite Marxist croons, seemingly referring to Musk's SpaceX project.

"I'm in love with the greatest gamer / But he'll always love the game / More than he loves me," she continues.

It's worth noting that Grimes first teased the track in July, approximately two months before she and Musk announced their split — so the track isn't necessarily about the billionaire, but its lyrics certainly leave the door wide open for Musk-related interpretations.

Amusingly, the release of "Player Of Games" coincided with the debut of Musk's disturbingly Macklemore-adjacent haircut — which one Reddit user compared to that of "every 14 year old I see getting dropped off at the mall."

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has been clowning Grimes and Musk for their concurrent goings-on. At the time of publication, Grimes was trending on the social media platform.

"I truly hope Grimes told him that if he cut his hair this way she’d take him back," a user named @BouffantBecky wrote of Musk's truly unfortunate 'do.

"The official haircut of no one around you telling you no," another post reads.

"grimes is down bad lmao," @arb captioned a screenshot of the lyrics for "Player Of Games."

Divorce is rough and clearly, both Grimes and Musk are struggling. Best wishes to both.

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