Grimes claims pregnancy has taken its toll on her skin. In Vogue's latest beauty tutorial video, the singer shared her skincare routine and explained what life is like know she's been "knocked up" by Elon Musk.

“I don’t know if everyone has this, but when I got knocked up my skin just turned super red and is constantly covered in stuff,” she explained. “This is ‘chill vibes’ skin,” she says as she takes viewers through the steps of an increasingly bizarre routine.

The singer shared some interesting tips, too. “I like smudgy makeup. I pretty much don’t remove my eye makeup, I just let it come off.” She reveals she likes to take an unconventional route when it comes to beauty, admitting, "I like having bags under my eyes, I like looking kind of scary [...] I kinda like how it sorta looks demonic."

After all, she reminded us, she's not a Kardashian. "I really like the Kardashian’s makeup, I just like the look. It’s obviously some neanderthal thing where you just like the big eyes and the lips and the contour, but it doesn’t look good on me [...] I like the look of being pretty but ravaged by war."

Predictably, Grimes' makeup routine comes complete with biodegradable glitter and forehead drawings, or as she describes it, "[it's] less into beauty and more into weird zone." Watch her full pregnancy makeup routine below.

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