Gucci has hired its first-ever global head of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Forbes reports. The move follows the controversial "blackface" sweater incident that hit headlines earlier this year. The role has been given to Renée Tirado who previously acted as the chef diversity and inclusion officer for Major League Baseball.

While Gucci isn't the first luxury label making strives to better its practice — Chanel, Burberry, and Prada have all made inclusivity-focused hires this year — it certainly shows that the brand is taking its error seriously.

“I am in the business of making human connections that start with the foundations of inclusivity, respect, and diversity to ensure Gucci remains culturally relevant and economically competitive,” Tirado said in an official statement obtained by The Independent.

She added, “I am honored to join a company that puts these non-negotiable values at the forefront of their business model, not as a ‘nice to have’ but as a key component of its business strategy.”

Earlier this year, Gucci launched a full diversity and inclusion plan that included diverse hires, a multi-cultural design scholarship program, and more. At the time, Dapper Dan called the move "imperative" for the black community.

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