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A Gucci and Xbox collaboration very much seems like a random partnership outta left field but it's real and it's here. I mean, the Gucci Triple S exists, so why not a Gucci Xbox?

The fashion house and gaming giant first hinted at a team-up on November 7 with a brief yet leading exchange on Twitter.

"Saying 'GG' at the end of every game will never go out of fashion," Xbox posted, referencing the acronym for "good game" — which coincidentally, mirrors Gucci's double-G monogram.

"We couldn't agree more," Gucci replied.

The cryptic tweets now make sense. Revealed in a series of official images, Gucci will release a monogrammed Xbox case emblazoned with "GOOD GAME" in neon green typeface.

The Xbox Series X itself is also updated in Gucci monogram, making for a decadent version of the gaming console. A co-branded controller will also be sold as part of the collaboration, limited to 100 editions.

The set will drop on November 17 at Gucci's website as well as at select retail stores including Gucci's Circolo pop-ups.

At $10,000, this is the most luxuriant Xbox of all time, bar none. You do get a Gucci trunk, though, so at least you're not just getting a current-gen console.

The Italian fashion house is hardly new to the world of fashion-gaming crossover.

In 2020, the label teamed up with Tennis Clash to design an in-game tennis court decked out in Gucci branding, as well as Gucci outfits for the title's characters.

Nearly a year later, the label worked with Roblox to host a digital museum and sell in-game iterations of its monogrammed Dionysus bag, which sold for was sold for 475 Robux (approximately $6).

A testament to the power of the metaverse, the virtual purse — which, it bears reiterating, has no value or use outside of Robloxwas resold for 350,000 Robux, approximately $4,115, outstripping its IRL retail value.

And in June, Gucci made waves by partnering with 100 Thieves, a California-based Esports organization that runs several top esports teams and received an investment from Drake.

Xbox is no fashion rookie either, launching recent 20th anniversary collabs with PLACES+FACES and adidas Originals.

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