Gucci FW17 Invite

The invite for GUCCI FW17 is a vinyl record, and the sleeve features words by CocoCapitan. Of course, it bears a striking resemblance to Jim Joe’s signature scrawling that made an appearance on Drake’s cover art for his 2015 surprise mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

GUCCI FW17 Soundtrack

We’re assuming the vinyl invite features the FW17 show soundtrack, and GUCCI has already revealed that the likes of Florence & the Machine and A$AP Rocky are featured. According to Twitter, the record includes Florence Welsch reciting William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience.

Alessandro Michele's Inspiration

It’s no secret that GUCCI's creative director Alessandro Michele loves his art. Take one look at his Instagram, and you’ll see he has been posting snaps of Italian art, antiques, and antiquities since long before a wave of success carried him to the forefront of fashion influence. So far, GUCCI has teased an intriguing still life of botanic goodness. You could easily mistake it for a historic Flemish Baroque painting but the subtly placed iPhone charger says otherwise.

Outside the Venue

We’re outside the venue, and it’s utter madness. Going to the big luxury fashion shows can be a bit of a weird experience if you grew up as a streetwear kid. The show spaces are vast, photographers are everywhere and there are huge crowds of tourists and hangers-on loitering outside waiting to get a glimpse of a Chinese celebrity nobody in Europe has ever heard of.

Inside the Venue

For FW17, Gucci merged its men's and women's shows into one grand presentation, as a response to all the fashion week shakeups that are going on at the minute. The Italian mega-house also decamped to its sprawling headquarters to host the event, abandoning the beautiful old train yard that held its previous men's shows.

Alessandro Michele's collections are a visual onslaught, and the spaces that host his shows are equally decadent. Today, attendees were immersed in rich purple lights, while the runway itself was obscured from view by a giant curtain.

The Show Notes

Show Title: The Alchemist's Garden

Show Notes: "A garden inhabited by signs, symbols, and archetypes invoking and recalling remote worlds."

First Feels

The first looks have just gone out, and it's business as usual. Plenty of florals. There’s AC/DC embroidered logos on the backs of jackets, and GUCCI sweatbands that a slew of rappers will go mental for. Seeing as the show invite featured the handy work of Coco Capitán, it’s no surprise to find the illustration across GUCCI T-shirts. The alchemist garden influence appears in animal hardware such as bulky GGMarmont belts.

According to GUCCI’s Twitter, there were 120 looks in total, with 40% dedicated to menswear and 60% to womenswear.

The Final Walk

GUCCI's show title The Alchemist's Garden now makes a lot of sense. Botanic prints and fauna references were rife across the entire collection, and the moving, classical soundtrack managed to bring everything to life.

The A$AP Effect

Given that A$AP Rocky was featured on the vinyl soundtrack that GUCCI sent out, his appearance at the show is no surprise. We caught the seasoned fashion week fixture leaving the show venue, amidst a flurry of photographers.

Watch the Entire Show

Now it's over, watch the GUCCI FW17 show in its full, glorious form and see Alessandro Michele's eccentric, whismical collection in action.

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