With the holidays nearing, and Black Friday in full swing, it usually means we're guaranteed to see some absolutely ridiculous designer items.

It has already been proven that just about anything can be luxury-fied – Y2K fashion, bikes, ski gear, you name it. Brands will always manage to slap a logo on an item, bump the price tag, and sell it to the masses. Remember that Prada frisbee? The Balenciaga bedding?

This season, Gucci has gone in on the gifting. Of course, its Hacker project together with Balenciaga is guaranteed to end up on plenty of wish lists this December, but the label is offering plenty more apparel. Bucket hats, bags, The North Face x Gucci dungarees – there's something for everyone.

Most notably, the range includes a shiny golden pen, arriving with a smooth black leather case complete with Gucci's logo in gold. Imagine whipping this one out when signing a cheque. In my case, the only thing I'll be signing is online documents but hey, a girl can dream.

Luxury pens are nothing new. To some, the concept of a very expensive writing tool may seem silly, but brands including Montblanc and S.T. Dupont have managed to build entire brands off selling top-tier pens, and the global luxury pen market was reportedly on track to hit USD 2.8 billion by the end of 2021.

Gucci's pen retails at a whopping £445 ($593) and also arrives in a patterned version in silver and gold options, retailing at £660 ($879). Don't worry, black and blue refills are included, and you can even order a pencil option if you choose.

If you're looking to get yourself a boujee writing tool, the Gucci Gold Pen is now available to purchase online.

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