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Gucci and GUESS have ended a nine-year-long global legal battle in an agreement over Gucci‘s iconic “G” logo and diamond pattern, reports Business of Fashion.

Gucci alleged that GUESS’s similar-looking pattern are direct copies of its trademark, and the dispute began when Gucci took GUESS to a New York federal court in 2009, accusing the brand of counterfeiting, unfair competition and trademark infringement, referencing the interlocking “G”s that appear on a line of GUESS shoes.

A U.S. district judge awarded Gucci with $4.7 million in damages for GUESS’s breach of its signatures in 2012, however, the Italian luxury brand was originally looking for a $221 million payout.

While terms of this new agreement were not disclosed, it “will result in the conclusion of all pending intellectual property litigations and trademark office matters worldwide.”

In a joint statement, the two parties shared, “The agreement is an important step for both companies in recognizing the significance of protecting their respective intellectual property portfolios and design creativity.”

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
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