gucci iphone case lawsuit

Gucci is being sued because of its iPhone cases that feature credit card slots. CardShark, LLC filed the lawsuit just last month in a New York federal court, insisting that the fashion house has infringed upon their design, The Fashion Law reports.

Cardshark’s utility patent number 8,381,904 “generally relates to a wireless handheld device protective wallet covering with certain features, including a window housing on the front side of the product, a rear protective face, with an externally accessible pocket that allows the insertion and removal of cards or paper currency.”

The product under scrutiny includes Gucci’s GG Supreme Bees iPhone 7 Case, Animalier Bee Leather iPhone 7 Case, Embroidered Angry Cat GG Supreme iPhone 7 Case, GG Love iPhone 7 Case, and Tiger L’Aveugle Par Amour Leather iPhone 7 Case, among others.

Cardshark is thus claiming the company “has suffered and will continue to suffer damages in an amount to be proven at trial.”

Prior to issues with Gucci, Cardshark has filed similar suits against Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and more, although all cases were settled before going to trial. As it stands, Gucci has yet to respond to these allegations.

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