Self-proclaimed King of Jewelry Gucci Mane just showed off his ridiculous ice collection to GQ, dropping serious figure sum values as he blinded us with highlights from his ever growing collection. Watch above.

Explaining that he's been "iced out since I was a little boy," Mane began by whipping out his "The Three Amigos" chains — in platinum, because "everything they do is platinum" — explaining that they clock in at 1.5 carat per piece, and value around $250,000 total.

Moving through items like an ice-cream cone pendant ($80k), a pinky ring ($500k), and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Baguette watch ($1 million+), Mane tells us that "this ain't no play play shit right here."

The only item he refuses to divulge the cost of are the diamond studs in his ears — "I don't want to tell people how dumb I just went." Given that he's just confessed to splurging $1 million on a watch, one can only imagine how much this lobe bling cost.

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In other ice news, meet the jeweler who made Drake's 100-carat OVO owl chain. 

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