Gucci has addressed claims that a jacket in its Cruise 2018 collection ripped off legendary Harlem tailor Dapper Dan.

On Monday, an irate Twittersphere was quick to point out the similarities between Alessandro Michele's creation and Dapper Dan's original design. Both jackets featured the same puffy sleeves with print branding and fur adornment:

Gucci has today set the record straight, claiming the jacket wasn't a rip, but in fact a homage. A statement read:

Gucci’s ‘new Renaissance’ cruise 2018 fashion show included references to periods of revitalization spanning many different eras, in particular the European Renaissance, the ’70s and the ’80s. The collection also saw a continuation of Alessandro Michele’s exploration of faux-real culture with a series of pieces playing on the Gucci logo and monogram, including a puff-sleeved bomber jacket from the 1980s in an homage to the work of the renowned Harlem tailor Daniel ‘Dapper Dan’ Day and in celebration of the culture of that era in Harlem.

That would check out, given that Gucci has tried to contact both Dan and his team to no avail. The brand also tagged him in an Instagram post that read: "Legendary tailor Dapper Dan @dapperdanharlem influenced the trend by making such custom pieces for his rapper and athlete clients out of logos from famous fashion houses, including #Gucci."

If there's one thing Michele knows how to do, it's get people talking.

Hre's what went down at the aforementioned Gucci Cruise show.

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