It's day three of #Guccifest, the fashion behemoth's online film festival that runs until Sunday evening.

So far, we're up to episode three of the seven-part mini-series, Ouverture of Something That Never Ended. Set in a vibey post office, the latest cut stars Gucci fanboy Harry Styles in conversation with Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva. Music comes from former Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon.

Aside from cultural meanderings on stylish ’00s flip phones, viewers are treated to a look at a host of new Gucci pieces, as seen in the vintage polaroids above. The short-film format allows for a close look at the embroidery and a more contextual appreciation for the fit and movability of the fabrics. Mary Jane shoes can be heard click-clacking as models and actors rummage around for stamps.

Styles' outfit (denim short-shorts, a pink tee, horse-bit loafers, and white socks) is more influencers-only tent during the first weekend of Coachella than Gucci-glam, but nonetheless, the details of his T-shirt do fulfill the Gucci narrative. In white collegiate lettering, the T-shirt reads "Gucci Loves Pink Eschatology 1921," referring to the year that Gucci was founded and the theological study of the ultimate destiny of humans and the universe. The episode in question runs with that weighty subject further.

Elsewhere, two other films premiered last night, showcasing the works of UK designers Mowalola and Bianca Saunders.

Mowalola's film highlights the label's bold aesthetic (think cyber-rave but make it chic) with a short animation inspired by the worlds of gaming and simulated fight matches.

Meanwhile, the short film from Bianca Saunders feels like it may have been inspired by this banned Calvin Klein from the ’90s (although it's far less creepy), with models wearing the label's experimental tailoring while fielding interview questions about love, hook-ups, pick-up lines, and dating.

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