Australian firm DeciBel have unveiled their proposal for an absolutely breathtaking multi-purpose theater and cultural center in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. Dubbed the Hanoi Lotus, the space in turn draws inspiration from Vietnam’s national flower.

Designed as an urban getaway for both locals and tourists, Hanoi Lotus rests along an arterial road connecting the city center with Noi Bai Airport. The center will ultimately include a 2000-seat multifunctional theater, high technology business incubator center, ice skating rink, cinemas, offices, and restaurants, all together responding to Hanoi’s increasing artistic, cultural and economic demands.

The Hanoi Lotus Centre not only draws inspiration from the country's national flower, but it also mimics the aesthetic of a lotus. The structural petals are thus supported by a layered culmination of fins, shells, glazed panels and grid. The interior of the main atrium then responds to the colors and patterns of the natural lotus leaf.

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