Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich

There’s no right way to dress for summer. What’s important is that you’re kitted out to enjoy the warmer temperatures while they last, be that by flexing your latest cop or dressing for maximum cool and comfort. When it comes to footwear, as much as we love sneakers, the last thing you want is to swelter in your shoes when a heatwave hits. Thankfully, Havaianas has come through with another solid offering of flip flops and a color palette so wide you’ll be stuck for choice.

With a strong arsenal of models and a rubber recipe that’s yet to be rivaled, Havaianas has held its place as the leader of the flip flop for several decades now. This season’s collection features Havaianas’ newest model, the Tradi Zori, as well as its signature styles – Tradicional, Top, Slim, and Brasil.

The four signatures silhouettes have changed little in design since they were first launched and, while they all boast a similar shape, have subtle differences that set them apart. The Tradicional is the first model Havaianas created in the ‘62 and it is still recognizable for its contrasting strap and sole color. It was later slimmed-down to create the Slim, a version better fitted to a women's foot. In the ‘90s, the Top was introduced after people started flipping the Tradicional's sole to make them unicolored, while the Brasil, which was released for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, has become a favorite of flip flop wearers around the world for its Brazilian flag on the strap.

Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich

The latest addition to the family, the Tradi Zori, shows how Havaianas continues to innovate and lead the way in flip flops. The model takes inspiration from the zori, a traditional Japanese sandal customarily worn by everyone from tea ceremony goers to samurai warriors, and fuses its rectangular shape with the Tradicional’s round sole to bring a contemporary twist on the classic flip flop.

If you’re yet to add a flip flop to your rotation, the Tradi Zori is a good place to start. With its oversized rectangular sole, it has more weight and volume than the standard flip flop, feeling closer to a sandal and balancing out jeans and even, as pictured above, a suit.

Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich

So whether you’re spending the summer stuck inside the confines of your home or are lucky enough to be venturing out again, Havaianas’ simple, practical, and comfortable flip flops are a no brainer (follow our five tips for wearing flip flops if you're unsure). Head to their online store to bring a bit of that laidback Brazilian beachy feeling to your feet now.

Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
Highsnobiety / Vitali Gelwich
  • Photographer:Vitali Gelwich
  • Creative Lead:Janak Jani
  • Stylist:Toby Grimditch
  • Talent:Arthur K. at Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • Talent:Joana Cortes at PMA
  • Photo Assistant 1:Paul Skulimma
  • Photo Assistant 2:Simon Schreiner
  • Photo Assistant 3:Mina Aichhorn
  • Senior Producer:Semjon Pitschugin
  • Project Manager:Katarina Zalovic & Bruno Pellitteri
  • Set Design:Emilia Margulis
  • Set Design Assistant:Amy Brandhorst
  • Stylist Assistant:Hakan Solak
  • Make Up:Ischrak Nitschke
  • Hair:Wataru Suzuki
  • Casting Director:Dominik Wimmer
  • Dog Trainer:Petra Borger
  • Catering:Tilly Von Hippel

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