If you've been looking for a jigsaw puzzle to occupy your time during lockdown, you may want to check out Heinz's impossible-to-solve puzzle. The American food processing company has unveiled perhap the most difficult puzzle yet that mimics everyone's favorite condiment, ketchup.

"Heinz knows that good things take time. And right now we all have a little more time. So we created this. 570 pieces. All Heinz red," the company said on Twitter. "Tell us who you wish you could finish this with and we could send you 1 of 57 puzzles."

With each piece bearing the same red color and no distinct markings, the Heinz Ketchup puzzle just might be the most difficult puzzle ever. The idea is that completing the puzzle will be a long, drawn-out process, similar to the slow nature in which the ketchup oozes out of the bottle.

Heinz will be donating $10,700 or 107,000 meals to Feeding America with the proceeds from the sale of the puzzle. The limited edition puzzle can now be yours for $25. You can cop it here.

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