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Helena Deland has the kind of voice that eases you in with a soft and delicate approach, but gradually builds up until it overpowers the senses and leaves listeners in a trance. The Montréal-based artist describes her spellbinding sound as “sincere pop,” creating music that reveals the raw and unapologetically dark side of femininity as it slowly pours out of the speakers like words spilling on the page of a handwritten letter. If Deland had been born a few decades earlier, there’s no doubt that she might have been tapped for a cameo in Buffy The Vampire Slayer to perform at The Bronze.

Today, we’re exclusively premiering the music video for “Take It All,” an emotionally gripping track off the second volume of her ongoing From the Series Of Songs Altogether Unaccompanied series. The moody song is about the experience of being misled by a romantic interest and the lingering feelings of denial and humiliation when preconceived expectations fall short. In an email, Deland further elaborated on the concept for the gorgeous visual which was directed by Mégane Voghell.

“Mégane was given carte blanche for this video, which I’m extremely happy with,” she stated. “The imagery is both very strong and very open, allowing diverse and personal interpretations. To me, it really translates an eerie and overall sad concept of togetherness. I can’t help but associate the memory foam with mental space: my character is performing a ritual on a physically present but emotionally absent lover, dealing with the intensity of it by herself.”

Deland is expected to release another EP soon and will be on the road this summer. In the meantime, fully digest her latest offering below.

6/16 – Montreal, QC @ Festival Folk sur le Canal
6/21 – Fort Worth, TX @ Modern Art Museum
7/3 – Terrebonne, QC @ Théâtre du Vieux Terrebonne
7/8 – Quebec, QC @ Festival d’été de Québec
7/14-15 – Guelph, ON @ Hillside Festival
7/19 – Sudbury, ON @ River & Sky Festival
7/21 – Baie St Paul, QC @ Le Festif
8/7 – Laselle, QC @ Belvédère du parc des rapides
8/17 – Saint Jerome, QC @ Festival Saint-Jérôme Folk
8/18 – Toronto, ON @ Camp Wavelength
8/19 – St Jean Sur Richelieu, QC @ Festival des Montgolfières
9/1-2 – Montreal, QC @ Mile Ex End
9/20 – Drummondville, QC @ Studio
9/21 – Saint Hyacinthe, QC @ Le Zaricot
9/22 – Trois Pistoles, QC @ L’Oeil de la Tempête
10/5 – Sherbrooke, QC @ La Petite Boite Noire
10/7 – Gatineau, QC @ Petit Chicago
10/11 – Lavaltrie, QC @ Chasse-Galerie
10/18 – Halifax, NS @ Halifax Pop Explosion
10/22 – Glasgow, UK @ The Poetry Club
10/23 – Manchester, UK @ The Castle
10/24 – London, UK @ Sebright Arms
10/25 – Eindhoven, NL @ DDW
10/28 – Berlin, DE @ Maze
10/29 – Cologne, DE @ Acephale
11/17 – Laval, QC @ Annexe 3
11/23 – Trois-Rivières, QC @ St James Church

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Words by Sydney Gore
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