It’s been four years since Spike Jonez’s Her arrived in cinemas to widespread critical acclaim. Noted for its visual composition, Jonze combined a warm color palette with ’60s and ’70s inspired constuming for a truly unique spectacle which, unlike its peers, presented the future as somewhere you might actually want to live in.

kaptainkristian’s latest YouTube essay probes the movie in further depth, explaining how its shimmering aesthetic was achieved. Once again, Jonze teamed up with production designer K.K. Barrett, who also worked on Lost in Translation — a movie Her is often compared to. For the sprawling urban landscape seen throughout, Jonze took LA’s relatively modest skyline and augmented it with CGI composites of Shanghaiese skyscrapers: the stunning end result an amalgamation of downtown Los Angeles and Shanghai’s ultra-modern Pudong district.

Find more information on the film, including what inspired Jonze, in the clip above.

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